(Deutsch) Cashflow

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(Deutsch) Kennzahl: Personalintensität

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Balanced Scorecard

(Deutsch) Balanced Scorecard – BSC

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Related posts: (Deutsch) Revision – Wirtschaftsprüfung Projectcontrolling (Deutsch) Interim Management Business valuation


Key figures : P&L – EBIT, EBITDA, NOPAT, Net profit

From gross profit to EBIT In our KPI series we’re talking today about the terms of the profit and loss statement. The breakdown is made as following: + Sales – Cost of goods sold (COGS) = Gross result / Contribution – Operating expenses (Personnel, Research & Development, Marketing, Sales, Admin etc.) […]


Projects and with you an efficient project controlling have gained in importance. Growing globalization and cost pressure have increased the pressure to rationalize. One possibility to use costs and resources flexibly is to offer projects as they are limited in time and thus manageable for companies. However, projects are not […]


Key Figures: Return on investment

Return on Investment: Who doesn’t like to get something back for his investment?   Calculation: ROI = (profit / revenue) * (sales / total capital) The widespread “return on investment” factor multiples the profitability with the turnover rate of the capital. Thus, many value drivers can be compared (sales, coverage, […]



Key Figures: Return on equity

An important key figure in company valuation is the return on equity   Calculation: Equity ratio = Net income / equity * 100%   This figure reflects the return on equity employed. In principle, the higher the equity return, the more positive the company is to be assessed. However, there may […]