I knew very soon that I would like to take on responsibility in the financial sector.

Consistently I have my training and professional stations chosen so that I can learn both the accounting 1×1, and understand and cope the strategic aspects of a Chief Financial.

From my perspective I have the following skills which top managers should have:

–          Diploma in Expert Accounting and Controlling.

–          Diploma in Business Economist HF.

–          Very high Affinity in Computer Science

–          Good Human Knowledge, 8 years of Management Experience

–          Wide experience in several industries (pharmaceutical, banking, retail, industrial)

–          Personality (positive, open, calm, ambitious, exactly)

–          Very Good English skills (Also, reliable knowledge in French)

Are you interested in a no-obligation consultation, please contact me at any time.

For a top CFO position i would be willing to switch back to a permanent position under certain circumstances.

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